Quartz Countertops

If you are looking for a countertop with lots of color that is also highly resistant to stains and discoloration from foods, liquids and oils, then quartz maybe the right choice for you. 
Quartz surface has no pores; unlike granite and marble products, these surfaces even have anti-bacterial and germ resistant properties that will keep your kitchen and bathroom sanitary. 

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Caesarstone, VicostoneSilestone, LG Viatera, Hanstone, GS Quartz & Granite,  Irah Quartz, Baystone, Cambria 

In every renovation, it is important to remember about the return on investment. While overspending is never good, do spend where it counts. Countertops are working surfaces that tend to show their age after a while, but because Quartz is so durable it continues to look new for much longer than other materials. So while pricier than some materials (such as laminate), it will last much, much longer. If you stick with a classic color and style, you won’t need to replace it as long as you own your house.

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Bristol Sinks, Pearl Sinks 

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